There are six reasons why blogging remains very important for marketing and search engine optimization. So you'll be asking, is blogging still relevant today? Well, the amount certainly faces. There are 17 million new posts monthly and 42% of the web is built on WordPress alone. As a result, blogging remains a prominent part of online marketing strategy. Here's why. Blogging builds loyalty and trust, providing advice and reliable and deleting information that buyers can use will establish authority on the topics you discuss. and therefore the central part of improving content is the eighth concept, which is e a t, which stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. 


While it isn't a ranking factor, Google shares the bat is important to his algorithm, and the way it analyzes and recognize this content. this suggests your content needs accurate, informative and helpful information throughout the content and site to login increases visibility. the subsequent part of building great content is making sure to search engine optimized blogs that answer the questions consumers are asking about in your industry are helpful for SEO. Additionally, incorporating keywords throughout your captivating and unique headings and subheadings. also as your well researched unique content is a surefire way to help increase visibility.

Internal Linking

internal linking is differently to increase visibility link building throughout other pages, blogs and merchandise pages on your site can help build brand visibility, awareness and authority. free blogging creates brand awareness. new and original content can make your brand more prominent amongst the remainder of your competitors. once they are searching for answers to their questions or wants to learn something more. Your brand is at the highest of the search engine results page, giving them the knowledge they need. The more you invest in blog strategy, the more potential you've got to grow brand awareness not only for search engine result pages, or through shares across social media, before blogging generates leads. If consumers like your content, they're going to likely want more. It's a superb way to get new leads by having them subscribe to your email listing this way it's less intrusive than having them like an ad that prompts them to sign up for an email listing to get a coupon. While this will be a great tactic for leaving, blogs help build a connection before posing for the information. So even prefer to review your content on your site. They already liked your page and your content and need to learn more. 

Unique Content

There's more of a relationship together with your brand through the unique helpful content. you'll then incorporate the subscription opt in pop up at the end of the blog or when they scroll so they can quickly enter their information and keep reading. Five, blogging drives engagement. one among the goals for most content marketers is to continue building relationships with new and existing customers. Blogs provide more shareable content than simply your products or service posts for consumers. To share with others across social media. it is a great way to educate customers who live tapes or how tos and create more connections with your brand.

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