Starship Troopers - Terran Command Game

Starship Troopers - Terran Command: Starship Troopers - Terran Command a real time strategy game that takes you

into a world that really hasn't been explored in a lot

of media these Starship Troopers Universe. Now I'll

say not a lot of it is going to seem foreign to you. It

is not a strange art. Yes, it's pretty much what you

would expect from one but Starship Troopers is a

kind of different media franchise. Hey, it's kind of a

satire and I'm sure that that translates to the game

itself to at least some extent. And second, the bad


Are arachnids. It's not a human versus human Wars.

Human versus alien threat war and oddly enough.

The kind of story that were talking here is one that

we usually see play out in like third person

shooters. So, it's interesting to see an RTS just from

that perspective and it will also be fun to see our

Starship Trooper storing things out in a video game.

Starship Troopers to read command is coming out

of PC on June 16th.

Madison Game

Madison : Madison and first-person psychological for game. Again more you wake up in

a dark room with hands covered in blood. So the

story of this game if is you are actually held captive

by a demon Patinkin called Madison. Let's continue

with ritual that started decades ago and basically

captured un forced you to engage in it even

completed. In fact, the game ask the question, will

you be able to finish this sinister?

Her ceremony. A lot of the gameplay will revolve

around puzzles as well as taking pictures with an

instant camera to see what's going on in the

Beyond because as a human existence of the

human world and on a surf, seal it, it's an

interesting premise and it's a very good-looking

game is definitely worth some time when it comes

out on PC June, 24th.


SILT : Silt An aquatic horror game.

That looks a lot like xinbo by play dead, but is not

made by that developer, it's made by spiral circus

games and D. It takes place underwater over

basically looking at here is a free motion, move in

any direction. Underwater, scuba, diving platformer.

I guess it's not really a platform presented platform

jumping, but it is today and therefore, inherits a lot

of look as clear.

Early as influences and limbo and panting. Perhaps

other Metroidvania said to be a kind of looks like a

vehicle by little with the more difficult. Very deep

areas and subnautica perhaps but there's also a

story going on that. There's one funny, it's 

There's a puzzle to solve and a lot of exploration to

do. It's a really pretty look again for all the footage

and it looks like it's definitely going to be one that's


June first, on Steam with concert releases coming



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