MEN OF WAR 2:  MEN OF WAR 2 the follow-up to the highly

acclaimed original game. Now with they're boasting about in

the new version of the game is their new Advanced artificial

intelligence which will apparently be a lot more difficult and

dynamic as well as the Cinematic presentation will be showing

you'll obviously be commanding your army from the normal

types of respect is but you'll see the action play out in very

cinematic camera angles and

Very good visuals. If the trailer is anything to go by. Of course,

the developers emphasis is on historical accuracy and a lot of

different game modes. So Men of War to should be a rich

experience with a lot of content, we will be seeing the game on

PC sometime this year.


SNIPER ELITE 5 : Sniper Elite 5 a very recent release that takes a wide open Battlefield approach

44 France, and which you will be sniping your way through the

Nazi occupied Country Side. This one was incredibly well-

received pretty much across the board by both critics and fans

alike. This is a game that's not just about sniping, it's also

about Stealth and really insane take downs. Really, it's a series

that has sort of set itself. Apart from basically, everything else

not just in its very deliberate style of play. But also in the fact

that her Revels, in success, the slow-motion death,

Cam is totally insane. Looks like some kind of Mortal Kombat.

It's one. That is absolutely worth your time Sniper. Elite 5 is out

on the PlayStations. The Xboxes and PC right out. So go play.


 MEDIC- PACIFIC WAR : Medic Pacific War replays, a field medic on

the Pacific front, where you have to make a bunch of choices

as to what to do to save, how to do it, where to do it to.

Live on the battlefield while also doing everything you can to

preserve your own remembering that it is a war zone and that

all of your actions will change, the outcome of the battle. It's

definitely unique. Take on a war game because you don't see a

whole lot of non combat oriented or games for fob vyas

reasons, but it's a pretty solid looking game. Built on top of that

concept medic Pacific War is coming to PC . 


COMPANY OF HEROES 3 : Sometime this year and Before his company of Heroes 3 and aren't yes. Which

introduces a new feature to the series called tactical pause,

which will cause the battle issue, a bunch of commands and

they'll be performed in a queue when the game is resumed

This being real time, strategy game that adds another layer, as

well as an improved destruction system that takes where they

were last game and makes it more granular. So, individual tiles

bricks pieces of

Sort of coming apart the games orienting itself, towards the

Mediterranean, it's also got a huge vehicle roster from tanks to

Recon vehicles. And even repair vehicles that you can go out

on the battlefield and prepare and steal vehicles that the

enemy is abandoned on The Warfield, it is an impressive

looking game from developer Relic entertainment, which will

be landing on the PC sometime later this year.


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