Loopmancer Game

Loopmancer: Loopmansur loom answers are a really fast pace. 2D

platform game with seven large levels. Where you play

as a detective who is also very good at martial arts and

handling weapons traveling through a cyberpunk city

that has some of your more typical cyberpunk sites as

well as some things that actually are surprisingly

grounded in a more realistic aesthetic. This games


Pixar, pretty, but I think the people are obviously meant

to be stylized and have very exaggerated movement.

That's not a criticism or a compliment. It's for matter of

taste whether or not you like that but the

environments are absolutely gorgeous in this game.

Add that into how fast paced and fluid the action looks

and you got what appears to be a pretty interesting

sighs curling action game Loop answer is coming to

the PlayStations Xbox One, windows and Nintendo

switch on July.

Endling Game

Endling :  Endling Extinction is forever, a

side-scrolling game with some incredibly stylized

Graphics where you play as the last mother Fox on

Earth taking care of your Fox children. The idea is you

have to help them when they're in trouble. Teach them

how to live and ultimately save the point obviously, is

the survival of your species and a plural that is falling

apart. It's supposed to pop clip the game that is clearly

intending to

To say something about climate change but doesn't

seem to be particularly preachy about it. And because

of that, the concept looks like it is something that can

work out pretty well actually, again, is, it has kind of

escort Mission Vibes so unconcerned about that but

the stylization of it is really interesting. It's got great

color scheme in the different environments. Look very

cool. It's very least notable and worth a try and I'll

certainly be doing that when it lands on PS4 Xbox

DC on July 19th.

Madison Game

Madison : Madison  a psychological horror

film, where you connect the human world and a

Beyond World in order to see what's going on and take

pictures in order to see what's going on in other world

as you solve puzzles and of course, work as hard as

you can to not die. The story of Madison. As you wake

up locked in a dark room. Your hands are covered in

blood. You don't know what's going on and you're

apparently part of a gory ritual. That began many

decades ago that you have to part.

Sir pay in and perhaps even finish this game with a lot

of that kind of hyper real scariness where things move

weird. They actually had to push the release date of

this fat because it was going to be released in June but

they didn't realize that the

Was happening the same time as their release date

which would basically get it swallowed up in a big sea

of sales and other purchases and it most likely would

affect the game because the game has to launch well

for Steve to want to continue to push it algorithmically

speaking. So Madison is coming to PC PS5 Xbox series,

X PS4 and switch on July 8.


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