Digimon Survive Game

Digimon Survive : Digimon Survive a graphic novel with

survival strategy, role-playing built-in. So, basically, this is a

game that plays out like a modern text Adventure, except

it also has sections which have specific types of gameplay.

Cluding, search mechanics, free roam and free battle

mechanics. It's definitely a different direction than you.

Expect something that is more or less a Pokemon like to

do, but it does focus on the story, perhaps a little more


Iman does as a series so it makes sense, they would at

least try this sort of graphic novel style gameplay. It's also

not exclusive to switch. Digimon is, of course, not a

Nintendo property so you see it on everything. Meaning,

the Digimon survive is coming to Xbox One PS4, PC and

Nintendo switch on.

Live a Live Game

Live a Live :  Live a Live an exclusive RPG to Japan up.

Until now where the original developer is eventually

became involved with the octopus with traveler project,

which is again, very much along the lines of live alive. Alive

alive is a bunch of short stories that take place across

time rather than one large story with a bunch of smaller

stories and at that serve the main narrative,

And as the original developer was working on octopus

traveler, you really wanted to remake live alive with the

new graphical style because the original really didn't

compare to a lot of the RPGs of its time and Square Enix

wanted to remake A lot of these games. So they did it and

it's now being released in the United States. Looks great. I

mean incredible. It's certainly a graphical style that lends

itself to what they created with akka path Traveller and

time definitely excited to see

Like this because it's proven to be something that's

popular live. Live is coming on July 22nd to Nintendo


F1 22 Game

F1 22 : F1 22  which is actually a big revamp for

the game on account. The Formula One, World

Championship organization. Introduced a large series of

significant changes to the sports, technical regulations

mean in the cars, have to be built completely differently

meeting at 122. Could not use any of the previous models.

Meaning, they've completely remade every single car with


X. They've also created a new adaptive Al system and

implemented support for VR headsets on PC. Considering

that app one 2021 was among the best racing games of

last year, nominated, for the best sports / racing game, the

game awards last year. I don't think they'll change a whole

lot, but some I'd heard of improvements are in order. F1,

2022 is coming to the PlayStations, be Xboxes and

July first.


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