ISONZO: a World War. One first-person shooter taking place on

Alpine Peaks and idyllic towns in Northern Italy while the game

doesn't exclusively take place in mountains, the mountain idea

adds a lot of different tactical considerations and makes a

fairly unique sounding game. As you know, we've seen a million

World War one and World War two games. But in terms,

Footage. This one actually kind of succeeds in at least looking

like something a little bit different. For one. It's a very colorful

and as well as including some great Recreations of Italian

towns. It's part of a series of World War, 1 games from

developer. Tend to H that plops you in different locations. That

require different approaches besides O is coming to the

PlayStations, the Xbox is and PC summer 2022.


WARNO: A world war three battle simulator

from Eugen systems, in which a cold were turns hot in 1989.

Obviously, in alternate history game, which is currently in Early

Access and has a ton of Praise coming from, it's small, but

fairly dedicated user base. It's definitely one to look out for

because it has 10 V 10 matches with what is it minute Li? Not

the biggest player base and nobody really seems to complain.

About it for good reason to it doesn't take too long to get into

a match its paste really well it doesn't force you to

micromanage in a way that you get bored and all of the action

is absolutely beautiful. Like this is really that incredible looking

game on top of being one that is organized to play really well,

befool version of War know is supposedly coming later this

year to the PC.


DUNE - SPICE WARS:  Dune spice Wars, a, highly stylized 4X.

Real time strategy. That is getting a lot of praise for being like

the most faithful, Dune, a test at a video game. I've seen

people call it, kind of like civilization in real time. And also

obviously sci-fi fantasy, the goal is to win, control over

everything, and that's done by either diplomacy or military

campaign. It's really up to you.

Pick one of the four factions, which if you're familiar with Dune,

you will immediately be familiar with and there's not a whole

lot in the way of narrative currently it's an early access and

they're focusing on the stuff that is basically important the

gameplay and the resource management of course, which they

get very correct. It has a lot of potential and as they've been

slowly dropping little narrative elements and it starts to feel a

little bit more like a live-in Universe. Like I said, Dune spice

Wars is an early access you can play it right now on PC and

Used to be expanded upon all the time.


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