Create Your First Youtube Video

Make your first YouTube video First of all, there's a few things that you're going to need starting with a camera.


Now your camera could look a little bit something like this right here, or it could be as simple as your cell phone. Honestly, when you're first starting out, I would recommend starting with your phone or just whatever camera you have, because it's better to hurry up and get started so that you can get the ball rolling and start learning rather than waiting till you have the perfect equipment. You can always upgrade in the future the next thing you'll need is a subject something to film, probably yourself. You'll also need a place to film your video. Now you can use pretty much any room or you could even do this outside, but you need to choose a spot where you're going to film preferably a space where you can be a bit away from the wall or the backgrounds you can have some depth in your shot and also ideally a space that isn't very cluttered and then the last absolute essential 

light : 

you'll need is some a source of light light makes a huge difference in the quality of your video. The more light the better. Pretty much you want to have the most diffuse soft light you can you don't want any harsh light because that creates harsh shadows. So you could use something just like lamp or you could use a window which is a great option for your first video. Or you could use something a little fancier like a ring light, but whatever light source you are using, you just want to make sure that again it is as diffused or as spread out and even as possible. And after a few things that are nice to have and not totally essential. One of them would be a tripod, so you need some way to support your camera. 

Tripod :

Now you don't have to have a tripod you could put your camera on a bookshelf or on a stack of books or on a windowsill windowsills can be a great option if you're already using the window for light but a tripod can make things simpler, make your life a lot easier. You can pick one out for about 20 bucks. It definitely won't be amazing but it will get the job done. 


Another thing that's really nice to have and you probably already have is some sort of soft thing like a blanket like some pillows, something like that or even just like padded chairs, but surround yourself with soft things because that will make the audio quality in your videos much much better. 


And the final thing that's kind of optional and kind of totally not is a microphone and obviously, you need a microphone to record the sound in your videos. But probably whatever camera you're using. Even your cell phone is obviously going to have a built in microphone, so that part's taken care of. But what is optional but nice to have is some sort of external microphone for this you can get a little lav mic that attaches to your shirt like this one right here. Or you can have a shotgun mic that mounts on top of your camera or you can attach a shotgun mic or other similar mic to a boom pole and have it right up close to your face which can create a really nice effect. Again, start with what you have. Don't let your equipment holds you back. All you really need is a camera yourself a place to film and a little bit of light and you can go ahead and make your first video

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