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How To Become Like A Pro Player In PUBG and BGMI || PROTIPS || PRO

Become an expert in PUBG, then know these 10 tips, you will be sweated away by the enemy

 1. If you jump on the car from the house above three, it will not harm your health.

 2. If you take a smoke and jump from the building, then at the end when the smoke time is over in the air, the smoke cloud will form in the air above.

 3. If the enemy is sitting in a BRDM tank, then we can kill him with a pan.

 4. If the enemy is wearing a level-3 helmet, you can knock him out with a crossbow bullet.

 5. No matter what level of Vest your enemy is wearing, if you hit his hand with AWM he will die in one hit (in classic mode .... not in TDM ...)

 6. In Quick Match you get outside the zone and rob.  So you will not suffer any loss outside the zone.

 7. If you hit the car with the pan, the car will explode.  But you too will be knocked out.

 8. If you change the sheet in a full speed bike, your player will automatically get off the bike and your health will not go.

 9. If the enemy hurls the grenade at you and you go behind an object, you will not suffer any damage from the grenade.

 10. If the enemy is in the water and you throw smoke at him, then you can see the enemy through him.  And kill him.

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